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Earthquake near Peanut rattles Southern California

A magnitude-4.5 earthquake hit about seven miles north of the Southern California town of Cabazon early Tuesday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Based on GPS data Dave received on Peanut’s Monday night campsite, she was about seven miles from the quake’s epicenter. (I calculated it using the National Hurricane Center’s latitude/longitude distance calculator.)

cabazon quake map

Peanut has not done a Tuesday check-in yet (her Monday night location is marked on the map above). Considering the temblor, which took place practically under her tent, was felt as far away Long Beach and San Diego, she’ll have quite a story to tell.

There have been no reports of damage or injury, officials told the Los Angeles Times and The (Riverside) Press-Enterprise.


2 thoughts on “Earthquake near Peanut rattles Southern California

  1. Very cool– I saw that there was an earthquake and noticed it was in the general area but thought, nah, it is pretty small. So cool that she felt it. I felt one in Alaska years ago– I was sitting on a hillside resting and the whole hillside shuddered. Way different than being in a building somewhere.


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