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Almost done with California

Peanut stopped hiking Sunday evening at the 862.2-mile point of the PCT, leaving her 16.3 miles to return to Vermillion Valley Ranch and complete California’s portion of the trail.

She completed just less than 50 miles the past two days despite dealing with nausea. Peanut’s Sunday trek brought her 94-day total to 1,717.9 miles.

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Looking ahead: Oregon

Photo: Halfway Anywhere

Oregon is where PCT thru-hikers make up time.

Trekkers who’ve braved the Southern California desert and conquered the High Sierra arrive in Oregon, the shortest and easiest of the PCT’s three states, looking to put up big numbers. Aside from a 3,160-foot drop into the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington border, Oregon doesn’t offer much elevation change; the highest trail point in the state is just 7,560 feet.

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