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Peanut’s total miles hiked vs. point on trail

In the three days following her Thursday “zero day,” Peanut hiked 75.9 miles to arrive at Cajon Pass in Southern California on Mothers Day.

As of Sunday night, she had trekked 349.8 miles since setting out on April 27. She was at Mile 342 on the PCT (a detour around damage caused by a 2013 fire near Idyllwild, Calif., added 7.8 miles to her total).

peanut on the pct miles per day 1-12.17.jpg

She expected to arrive in the mountain town of Wrightwood on Monday afternoon, adding another 21 miles to her total.

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Another night in a bed

Thanks to a last-minute suggestion from her husband, Peanut spent a night in a bed on Mothers Day.

“I’m gonna soak my feet in hot water,” she said from a Best Western hotel in Cajon Pass north on San Bernardino, Calif.

She was buffeted during her descent into the pass (2,995 feet elevation).

“I had to put on my beanie,” Peanut said. “It was super windy, and I almost lost my hat a couple times.”


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350 miles down, 2,309 to go

Leanne checked in at 9:20 a.m. PDT. She is well-rested and heading to Wrightwood, Calif., today (about 21 miles).

She started on the PCT at 6 this morning and had gone eight miles in her first three hours.

She just hit the 350-mile mark of the trail and saw just two other hikers this morning. She’ll post more pictures and comments this evening.

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Last view of Silverwood Lake

silverwood lake last view

Peanut snapped a picture of Silverwood Lake before leaving it behind on Sunday afternoon.

She had hiked about 14 miles by noon on Day 17. There wasn’t much elevation change today — a total of about 500 feet. Peanut planned to be in Cajon Pass this afternoon. The PCT crosses under Interstate 15 in Cajon Pass at just under 3,000 feet elevation.

butterfly sb mtns
Anyone know what kind of butterfly this is? @punkinsmoon?
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‘It’s a beautiful morning’

The San Gabriel Mountains loomed to the west as Peanut made her way toward Cajon Pass on Sunday morning. She hoped to be sitting in a McDonald’s restaurant by early afternoon on Day 17.

On Saturday, she walked across a bridge over Deep Creek near the 310-mile point. Deep Creek, however, didn’t appear to be particularly deep.

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Day 16: Peanut’s first 30-mile day

A day of rest is paying dividends.

Two days after taking her first “zero day” on Thursday in Big Bear City, Calif., Peanut blazed through 30.6 miles of the PCT on the northern edge of the San Bernardino Mountains. She has hiked more than 51 miles in the past two days.

She was about to have dinner at 6:30. The previous night’s dinner consisted of Korean barbecue beef jerky with a side of trail mix (“not trail mix soup, though, it wasn’t hot enough”) and shortbread cookies for dessert.

tent-day 16
Peanut didn’t really want to put her shoes back on to take a picture of her tent, but she did anyway.

Peanut said that while Friday, the day after her off day, was difficult, she felt much better Saturday morning.

“I felt like a 90-year-old woman who needs a walker (Friday evening),” she said. “But this morning my feet felt great.”

She planned to be at a McDonald’s in Cajon Pass by lunchtime on Sunday — “I’m going to eat as many cheeseburgers as I can,” she said. She should arrive in the town of Wrightwood on Monday, when she plans to meet up with Scott, Dan and Jen.

Hint to Chase, Cole and Bailey: Cell service figures to be adequate, so she can take your Mother’s Day calls.

peanut on the pct miles per day 1-12.16

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Catching up with Peanut on Day 16

After a restful day exploring Big Bear City, Calif., Peanut returned to the PCT on Friday (Day 15), hiking 20.6 miles before setting up camp that evening.

She had some nice views of Big Bear Lake as she hiked along the northern edge of the San Bernardino Mountains.

big bear lake from above.jpeg
Check out her Instagram page for more pictures:

As of 4:31 p.m. on Saturday (Day 16), she had done 28 miles and wasn’t stopping yet. It now seems likely she’ll make it to Wrightwood by Monday. She was already west of Lake Arrowhead by mid-afternoon on Saturday.

day 16 431 p.m..png

She had better cell reception Saturday afternoon. Check back later for more updates.

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Taking a day off can be nice

After 13 days and 273.9 miles on the PCT, Peanut finally took a “zero day” on Thursday.

Zero miles. Zero times strapping on her backpack. Zero times setting up or taking down her tent.

Her only steps on Day 14 involved exploring Big Bear City, Calif., and its gastronomic offerings.

oakside in big bear
Peanut, left, enjoys dinner at Oakside Restaurant & Bar in Big Bear on Thursday with her brother Scott, sister Karen, and Karen’s son, Garrett.

Thursday afternoon Peanut and Scott had “huge burgers, flat cut fries, calamari, and chicharrones,” Scott said. “And we each had two delicious beers in tap.”

They stayed at the Big Bear Frontier hotel.

big bear frontier

After a leisurely day, Peanut pronounced herself “100 percent.”

“I’m excited to get back on the trail,” she said. “(There are) new things to see!

“Going to soak my feet and get to bed early. Resting and having no pack on my back today” made a huge difference, she said.